Subpar Software

An indie software studio based in the heart of Austin, Texas

Our Team

An eclectic mix of graphic designers and software engineers who share a love of gaming and eccentric humor.

Our Games

Our products range from mobile-first to PC and cross all genres, from multiplayer Cyberpunk to single-player Metroidvania.

Our Philosophy

To create unique, one-of-a-kind games with the user experience at the top level of every design and storyline decision.

About Our Studio

At Subpar Software, we strive to make every game an immersive experience that is not only fun but engaging, created with the right amount of challenge, and finished off with a twist from the offbeat side of things. We craft every game, model, and weapon….down to every frame with the user experience in mind.

Core Multiplayer

A high-speed, cyberpunk game of death-match meets capture-the-flag

Core Multiplayer Logo

Are You Ready For the Challenge?

Third-person-Shooter | futuristic warfare | Intense fun

It’s the year 2222, and humans have successfully populated six new planets and moons in the solar system. In a disturbing development, highly destructive weapons of unknown origin have started to appear almost everywhere on newly inhabited lands, seemingly out of nowhere. When the weapon explodes, the results are nothing less than catastrophic. Humanity as we know it lies in the balance as these weapons become more and more pervasive.

Your goal is simple: Be the first to capture The Core before it explodes and decimates the newly inhabited worlds in the universe. Are you ready for the challenge?

“Core is outstanding from start to finish. It’s incredible for an indy game to come out of the gate this strong.”

Adam S., Developer

Reefwood Outlaws
The underwater adventures of Sheriff Mat,

the stomatopod, in his Reefwood home

Are You Ready to Explore Reefwood?
wholesome | Exploratory | Relaxing fun

It’s been a rough time lately in the once-peaceful town of Reefwood, a reef deep in the ocean that, for centuries, had been relatively free of crime and danger. But now, a neighboring reef has been invaded, leaving its residents no choice but to flee and find a new place to live. Angered by their situation, the surviving residents—who call themselves the Seaverado Seven—have descended upon Reefwood, causing chaos in their path. Now, it’s up to Mat, a retired Reefwood sheriff, to put his quiet retirement life aside and restore order to the reef he calls home.

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Core is a mobile-only gaming platform available for download on Google Play or Apple iTunes stores.