Subpar Software

An indie software studio based in the heart of Austin, Texas

Our Team

An eclectic mix of graphic designers and software engineers who share a love of creativity, gaming, and eccentric humor.

Our Products

Our titles range from mobile-first and PC gaming to functional applications, development tutorials, and novels that cross all genres, from Cyberpunk to SciFi and Metroidvania.

Our Philosophy

To create unique, one-of-a-kind products with the user experience at the top level of every design and storyline decision.

About Our Studio

 As our name implies, Subpar Software began solely as a video game development company. However, throughout our journey of creating immersive and captivating video games, our team discovered talents that extended far beyond game development. Our expertise grew organically from 3D modeling and GitHub tutorials to novel writing and app creation. Though the creative crew at Subpar never anticipated expanding into these diverse areas of entertainment, we are thrilled to embrace this evolution. Six years later, we proudly present a broad and dynamic range of offerings, continuously adding new titles that reflect our passion and versatility.

Coming Soon: Subpar’s Debut Novel Trilogy Series

Galactic Scout

While scouring the galaxy for humanity’s new home, a lone astronaut discovers that life in our Universe is on the verge of extinction. His search for answers leads him to a terrifying truth: an ancient intelligence has learned to manipulate the physical laws of nature in order to extinguish all life in the cosmos.

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Subpar Products

Core multiplayer logo
Core Multiplayer
Logo for Reefwood Outlaws video game
Reefwood Outlaws
Roof Project Management
3D Modeling

“Core is outstanding from start to finish. It’s incredible for an indy game to come out of the gate this strong.”

Adam S., Developer

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Core is a mobile-only gaming platform available for download on Google Play or Apple iTunes stores.