Introducing Reefwood Outlaws

Reefwood Outlaws: The Prologue, Part One

Underwater Paradise

Deep in the ocean, in the seclusion and safety of the reefs, lie bustling towns and cities inhabited by thousands of sea creatures. For millions of years, these reefs have been essentially free of crime. Sure, there were a few bad eggs who broke laws, but nothing to make the residents fear for their lives or security. In short, the many different reef towns lived in harmony and had mutual respect for one another.

That is, until now.

An Unexpected Dark Turn

In an unforeseen turn of events, a gang of Crown of Thorn starfish invaded and destroyed the bustling reef of Seaverado, a once quiet and utopic town prized for its location. The Seaverado residents initially put up a good fight, but the starfish were ruthless and persistent. Finally, with countless lives lost and the reef beyond saving, the few remaining residents decided it was time to surrender and leave their home. Gymnot, a giant moray eel, and a tiny mauve jellyfish named Pel, worked together to clear a path through the rubble to the open sea, allowing a safe escape for the survivors.

Traumatized by the recent events and bitter by the loss of their home, the seven survivors realize nothing is stopping them from relocating to a new reef. However, this move would violate a decades-old reef treaty that specifically prohibits the hostile inhabitation of land in the reef network. The survivors understand that relocating to a new reef will displace others and upset the delicate balance of life, but as Trix, a small spiny seahorse said, “Life ain’t fair, and the strongest survive.” After a short but heated discussion, the seven survivors came to a reluctant agreement: living beats dying, and it was time to make their home on a new reef.

Headed To A New Reef

The survivors named themselves the Seaverado Seven and set out for a better life on a faraway reef. The group consisted of a small giant clam named Maxima; a mauve jellyfish named Pel; Ben, a bluelashed butterflyfish; Rufo “Two Naps” and Pezia “Two Snaps,” both guard crabs; a spiny seahorse named Trix; and Gymnot, a moray eel. The crew studied maps and chose their target: A small town with few inhabitants and plenty of resources and, best yet, miles from the Crown of Thorn starfish invaders. That town was named Reefwood.

Slowed by the crabs and the clam, the trip to Reefwood took many days. While en route to Reefwood, the Seaverado Seven decided to hatch a plan for their takeover. Trix, already calling the group outlaws, wanted Gymnot to rush into the reef with his teeth bared, biting any that opposed them. Gymnot, an old eel, was not keen on the idea of physical violence. Instead, he thought intimidation was a better plan. He suggested he slowly swim over the reef so his three-meter shadow would frighten reef dwellers. His large size had always helped him get his way before. Why would this be any different? Pezia, snapping her claws twice to show disapproval, said she wasn’t comfortable becoming an invader. Maxima, a very clever clam, pointed out Reefwood didn’t yet have a guard crab couple, so Rufo and Pezia moving in wouldn’t be displacing anyone. Awoken from his nap by the boisterous discussion, Rufo was excited to learn he would soon have a new home to nap instead of the sea floor. They don’t call him “two naps” for nothing.

The Plan

Still in shock from the brutal starfish attacks, there seemed to be a consensus among the Seaverado Seven that they would rather scare Reefwood residents out of town over fighting them for the reef. However, Trix seemed miffed that his idea of force was not popular. Ben, the young butterflyfish, wanted to sneak into town and pretend they had lived there all along. Of course, the others laughed off this idea as silly and naive. Instead, they devised a plan of psychological tactics to spread fear amongst the inhabitants of Reefwood. They had no idea it would work so well.

Come Back Next Week For Part Two!

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