Seaverado Seven descending upon Reefwood

Reefwood Outlaws: part 2

Welcome back to the story of Reefwood! If you missed part one, go read that first here.

The Seaverado Seven hatching a plan

As a refresher, we left off in part one with the Seaverado Seven deciding to take Reefwood as their new home. Each one of the seven had different ideas on how to overtake the reef, but they finally settled on a tactical playbook of psychological intimidation and scare techniques.

Lingering Just Outside Reefwood…

The Seaverado Seven were ready to put their plan into place. With a discarded shell, a rock, and something they suspected was a fishing line, Maxima used her ingenuity to create a megaphone to play ominous music, and thunder sounds as they approached. She started her antics quite early in the morning, so it wasn’t until sometime in the afternoon that the residents could finally hear the noise of the megaphone vibrating through ocean waves. When the group landed on the reef, Maxima, using her makeshift megaphone, loudly announced their arrival, and warned the people of Reefwood to run, not simply take shelter. The Seven weren’t about to take any prisoners.

A fever pitch of mayhem overtook the reef. Ben, ignoring the advice of his crew, ran out ahead of the group, pretending to be one of the citizens of Reefwood. As dismayed residents passed him by, he would say things like, “I can’t believe they’re already here,” and “I wonder where these outlaws came from?” Being a nervous and naive fellow, he was quite believable in this role. Maybe it was his acting skills. Maybe it was luck. But no one noticed Ben swimming backward as he spread this disinformation.

The remaining six outlaws had other plans. Rufo and Pezia ran through the reef clicking their claws at anyone who dared come close. (However, truth be told, Rufo just wanted to nap, but any time he attempted to sneak off, Pezia snapped at him.) Pel came in behind the others. She let her tentacles expand menacingly but was careful to not let them touch anyone. Gymnot swam above, watching his shadow cast over folks as they fled. Occasionally, someone would look up, and he would grin to show decaying teeth.

On the other hand, Trix, having run out ahead, didn’t have the others to keep him in line. He was acting more aggressively, using his tail to “encourage” people to leave. At first, it was just shoving, but when no one was looking, he would angrily tail-smack anyone that got in his way. Sometimes he would even grab and throw those smaller than him—but being a small seahorse, thankfully, that didn’t happen too much. Most of the Reefwood folks fled, some hid, and a few stayed despite the ruckus (like the bartender of the OK Corral).


Matt came out of his house to see what all the commotion was about. Confused and shocked at the chaos, it seemed to him like everyone in the Reef was in a hurry to get somewhere… anywhere but Reefwood. And that’s exactly what was going on. All of Matt’s neighbors and friends were heading out of town, mumbling something about a group called Seaverado Seven as they passed by. Mat had seen a lot in his years as the reef sheriff, but this was a first.

Unable to get anyone’s attention to find out what was happening, he decided to go to his favorite watering hole, the OK Corral, for some clarity. Once inside the bar, Matt felt more at ease. Nothing was out of order; in fact, it was calm as could be. The barkeep, Sam, was wiping down his bar while other old timers sat drinking coffee, watching the chaos outside. “What’s going on?” Matt asked Sam. “No idear, but whatever it is ain’t no never mind to us in here!”

Just then, Matt’s replacement, Sheriff Top, ran into the Ok Corral. “Matt! I’m so glad I found you. The Seaverado Seven are almost here!” he said. “Who?” Matt asked with genuine confusion. This was the second time he had heard of the Seaverado Seven in the last ten minutes, so he hoped the Sheriff could shed some light on what was happening on his dear reef.

“I ain’t heard of ‘em,” Sheriff Top said, “but they mean business. I heard they really messed up some fellas on the way into the reef. Rumor has it they’ve got serious firepower. Just listen!” Almost on queue, a thunderous clap echoed through the bar. “People of Reefwood, RUN!”

Upon Hearing the Stark Warning…

Everyone at the Corral agreed that this situation was going from bad to worse, FAST. Moments like these made Matt glad he was the former sheriff, and this whole invasion of the Seaverado Seven was Top’s problem and not his. Just as this thought crossed Matt’s mind, Sheriff Top looked down at his feet and kicked a small shell on the floor. “Well, I know this ain’t procedure, but I reckon I should get off the reef too.” Stunned, Matt blurted out, “What do you mean? Someone has to figure out who these fellers are and what they want!”

In a twist that Matt could not have anticipated, Sheriff Top said, “Welp, looks like you just volunteered.” With that, Top took off his silver sheriff’s star and pinned it on Mat’s scarf. “Good luck to you, sir!” And before anyone could say anything else, Sheriff Top turned tail and headed out the double-shell doors of the OK Corral, never to be seen again. Sam, having witnessed the conversation, said, “Didn’t see that comin’. What you gonna do now… Sheriff?”

Matt the Stomatopod

Come back next week for the third and final episode of the prologue to REEFWOOD OUTLAWS!

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  1. So that’s how Matt ended up being the sheriff again! I will be back for the third episode. The story should make for a great game!

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