A Decidedly Different Gaming Experience

Subpar Software is a small indie gaming software studio based in Austin, Texas. Our products are unique and fun with a slightly off-beat touch, making us a one-of-a-kind software company. Subpar is dedicated to creating games that everyone can enjoy, from casual players looking for an escape to professional gamers who appreciate the nuances of gaming software development and production techniques.

Subpar Software

Gaming software that is greater than the sum of its below-average parts

The Inspiration For Subpar Software

Christian Leerberg, Founder and CEO, started Subpar Software in 2019, but his desire to develop software came long before that, all that way back to 1989 when Christain and his sister received a Nintendo 8-bit gaming system for Christmas. “It blew my mind. I had played older video games before, but when I started playing Mario, everything changed. I knew someday I wanted to be able to create video games,” Christian recalls. “I remember thinking it would be awesome to make my own video games, but it was the ’80s, I lived in Iowa, and I didn’t even have a computer.” Fast-forward to Austin, Texas, in the mid-2010s, Christian had a computer, and his childhood dreams finally came true when he founded Subpar Software. Soon after, he got to work on the concept for Core Multiplayer, a mobile-first, futuristic third-person-shooter game.

However, it wasn’t until 2022 that Subpar Software really came into its own. “It was an exciting year for the company,” Erika Holmes, Marketing Director, said of 2022, “We went from a shop of two people to a bustling team of six and published our first game, Core Multiplayer, in September.” While last year may have been a banner year for the company, 2023 looks to be even bigger and better. The team of six (and don’t forget Subpar Software mascot, Etta!) is hard at work on their second game, Reefwood Outlaws—out later this year—and in the conceptual phase for game three.

“I remember thinking it would be awesome to make my own video games, but it was the ’80s, I lived in Iowa, and I didn’t even have a computer.”

~Christian Leerberg, Founder and CEO

Christian Leerberg headshot. CEO of Subpar Software
Subpar Software CEO, Christian Leerberg

Subpar Software Products

Subpar Software’s inaugural game, Core Multiplayer, a cyberpunk, fast-paced, death-match meets capture-the-flag, mobile-first game, has received praise for its graphics and physics while still accessible to players of all levels. Core Multiplayer can be downloaded to your mobile device on Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

In 2023, Subpar will release its second game, Reefwood Outlaws, about a mantis shrimp named Mat, tasked with saving an underwater reef from gangster fish. You can watch the trailer here.

Reefwood Outlaws

Single player | Metroidvania | PC
The underwater town of Reefwood has been taken over by a group of neighboring sea folk called the Seaverado Seven. Can you help Sheriff Mat restore order to the reef?

Core Multiplayer

Multiplayer | Cyberpunk | Mobile
It’s the year 2222, and humans have inhabited five other planets beyond Earth. Suddenly, deadly orb-like weapons called Cores have appeared, threatening to destroy humankind. Are you ready to save humanity?
Meet the Subpar Team

An eclectic mix of graphic designers and software engineers who share a love of gaming and eccentric humor.