A futuristic Battle to save humanity

Core Multiplayer

Fast forward to the year 2222. Earth as we know it has been compromised, and thus, five new planets in space have been inhabited by humans. Life on these new lands seems to be going well until the appearance of orb-like weapons threatens to destroy all forms of life.

The Fate of Humanity Lies in Your Hands

Put your shooting skills to the test in this high-speed, death-match meets capture-the-flag futuristic mobile game. It is an all-out fight to the bitter end to be the first to capture The Core and save the inhabited planets of the universe. With five other players all vying for the same goal, you will be on the edge of your seat as you pilot a hovercraft through the five new worlds, capturing cores and taking down competitors.

The Future Seemed Bright Until The Deadly Cores Arrived

It’s the year 2022, and humans have successfully populated six planets and moons in the solar system. In a concerning development, highly destructive weapons of unknown origin have started to appear almost everywhere in newly colonized regions, seemingly out of nowhere. When these bright orb-like weapons explode, the results are nothing less than catastrophic. Humanity as we know it lies in the balance as these weapons become more and more pervasive on all inhabited lands. While some have resorted to pure panic, others are ready to take on these deadly weapons and save the newly developed worlds in the universe.

These bright orbs have become known as “The Core.”


In response to this threat, every populated world is expected to teleport a pilot and hovercraft to each location where a Core appears. The Cores are not only capable of mass destruction, but they are also blazing fast, whipping through the atmospheres at incredible speed. It takes a brave and incredibly skilled pilot to complete their mission successfully. Until all the Cores have been destroyed, no one is safe, and only the fearless have agreed to take on this deadly, winner-take-all battle. 

Each pilot is given one command: Capture the Cores before they explode.

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Up to six players combat in a third-person shooter game with one shared goal of capturing The Core. Test your skills as you work your way through five combat worlds (Coca Basin, Theoi Point, Serpandia, Ortus, Titan Gulch) and 20 experience levels. Benchmark levels allow you to earn hovercraft, skins, and exhausts. Along the way, earn coins for even better upgrades. Every time you log on to Core Multiplayer, new challenges await, so get ready to test your shooting skills for this intense deathmatch battle of capture the flag.

Core Hovercrafts
Gameplay: Cruising Through the World of Serpandia
This Sentinel pilot is dominating competitors in the world of Serpandia. In Core Multiplayer, you not only need to save the human race from destruction, but you also must defeat your competition.

The Word on the Street

Core Multiplayer is designed to be enjoyed by fanatical gamers to casual players of all ages. While Core is an intense, third-person shooter mobile game, it is rated E for everyone.
It’s intense, but the kind of intensity you want after a long, stressful day.

Physical Therapist
Core is outstanding from start to finish. It’s incredible for an Indy game to come out of the gate this strong.

Adam S.
Game Developer
I’m not really a gamer, but Core is super fun and intuitive to play, which makes it so engaging for someone like me.

Jen M.
Events Director