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Core Multiplayer

The Future of Humanity is in Your Hands

Nothing compares to actually flying your hovercraft through the worlds of Theoi Point, Ortus, Serpandia, Titan’s Gulch, or Cocoa Basin while capturing Cores and hunting down competitor Core catchers. But you can cruise through the videos and photos below to get a small taste of what’s in store when you enter into these mystical and futuristic landscapes.

The question remains: The Core needs to be contained. Are you ready to capture the Core?

The World of Cocoa Basin

Cocoa Basin is a reservoir on planet earth that is haunted by the presence of The Core. Locals live in fear and are terrorized by this omnipresent being.

World Views and Hovercrafts

Core boasts FIVE worlds, NINE different hovercraft models, EIGHT unique exhaust options, and TEN different skins. That means you can create a new look in a new world every time you open the app.

The World of Serpandia

Serpandia is one of the most recent moons that humans colonized. It is unknown who or what species previously inhabited the land, but it is clear they worshiped the power and majesty of serpents. Large architectural structures can be found all over this world in the serpent’s image.

“It’s intense, but the kind of intensity you want after a long, stressful day.”

– Crista S.

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