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Reefwood Outlaws

Featuring Sheriff Mat, the stomatopod, and the Seaverado Seven

Meet the Reluctant Hero of Reefwood, Sheriff Mat

mantis shrimp of the stomatopod order, Mat is the reluctant hero of Reefwood. A retired sheriff, Mat is forced to put his badge back on and save the reef from a group of invaders from a neighboring town.

There’s A New (Old) Sheriff In Town

It’s been a rough time lately in the once-peaceful town of Reefwood, a reef deep in the ocean that, for centuries, had been relatively free of crime and danger. But now, a neighboring reef has been invaded, leaving its residents no choice but to flee and find a new place to live. Angered by their situation, the surviving residents—who call themselves the Seaverado Seven—have descended upon Reefwood, causing chaos in their path. Now, it’s up to Mat, a retired Reefwood sheriff, to put his quiet retirement life aside and restore order to the reef he calls home.

Mat’s House

Mat’s Simple Life

What happened to the peaceful town of Reefwood?
Mat the Stomatopod lives a quiet retirement life in a home he built near the OK Coral in Reefwood, where he spends his evenings playing cards. Unbeknownst to him, a neighboring reef called Seaverado has been taken over by a group of unruly Crown of Thorn starfish, who have terrorized and pushed out the residents of the bustling reef. Bitter by the loss of their home, the seven survivors of Seaverado realize nothing stops them from moving to a new reef—even though reefs are a delicate balance for life. They understand by doing this, they will be displacing others. After a short but heated discussion, an agreement was made: living beats dying. So, the Seaverado Seven (as they now call themselves) choose to overtake peaceful Reefwood, leaving Mat no choice but to leave his restful retirement life, put on his badge, and save his home from these new invaders.
The Seaverado Seven hatching a plan
The Seaverado Seven

Cast of Characters

The Seaverdo Seven is a wiley bunch of sea folk who fled their reef after a nefarious band of Crown of Thorn starfish took over their home in a very hostile manner. Now homeless, their sites are set on making their new home on Reeftwood.
Seaverado Seven descending upon Reefwood
The Seaverado Seven


Gymnot is an old, slow-speaking moray eel. He is the de facto leader of the group by way of his size and age. Unless provoked, he is not overly aggressive, but when he gets mad, he leaves a trail of toxins behind him in the water.

Maxima, the small giant clam. part of the seaverado seven


Small Giant Clam, Maxima is a cool-headed and logical member of the Seaverado Seven. Although intelligent, Maxima is limited by her speed—or lack thereof—and prefers to stay with her pack for safety, despite disagreeing on strategy.

Pezia “Two Snaps”

Pezia is also a Guard Crab, but unlike Rufo, she is outgoing, calculating, and always has a snappy pun on hand. You always know when Pezia is around because she likes to clack her claws twice to signal her approval (or disapproval).

Rufo “Two Naps”

A reclusive and shy Guard Crab, Rufo lets his partner, Pezia, do most of the interacting with others. He loves to nap and might even fall asleep during conversation. If he doesn’t get two naps a day, he gets very “crabby.”


A clever, mischievous, and charming spiny seahorse, Trix is the second in command. He is ambitious and has plans to take Gymnot’s spot as leader but lacks a sense of humor, especially from other members of the Seaverado Seven.


Ben is a young, optimistic, and naive bluelashed butterflyfish. He has a quirky sense of humor and is often not taken seriously by others. He has a penchant for swimming backward and is known to encourage foes to punch his “fake eye” during fights.

Sheriff Mat to Save the Day

Once the Seaverado Seven made their way to Reefwood, it is up to Mat to restore order to his tiny underwater town. Does Mat still have what it takes to save the day?


Pel is a mauve stinger jellyfish who, at times, can be a bit clumsy with her tentacles and accidentally stings her friends. Although her crew didn’t think of her as a good fighter at first, during the battle at Seaverado, Pel proved herself to be a fearless fighter.

Mystery Character

Come back to find out who joins the Seaverado Seven Outlaws!

The Town of Reefwood

The Okay Coral Saloon

Mat’s favorite spot to play cards, drink coffee, and chat with the Barkeep, Joe.

The Apothecary

No town is complete without a healer and pharmacy. Here, residents can get medicines and necessities.

Reefwood's Apothecary

The General Store

Another frequent retirement haunt of Mat’s. When he’s not at the Ok Coral sipping coffee, he’s at the General Store buying decks of playing cards or eyeing new coffee mugs.

Bank of Reefwood

No town is complete without a healer and pharmacy. Here, residents can get medicines and necessities.

Reefwood's Apothecary
mat emote

Reefwood Outlaws

A wholesome, story-driven, exploratory game. Rated E for everyone.